May 29 2013

Some of the Best Data Recovery Software Online

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want to recover some data you accidentally deleted in the last five minutes but you don’t know which software can actually do this for you flawlessly. Since these are only a “once-use” programs, you want a data recovery software that is free. Here is a good list of the best free data recovery software available online.

1. Test Disk
This software is available for Windows, Mac and Linux users. It is an open-source software that helps you recover your data. It helps you perform basic file recovery such as undeleting files from FAT, NTFS and ext2 file systems, but you also recover your boot sector using a backup, rebuild the boot sector, fix FAT tables and MFT and more.

2. Recuva
Recuva is only available for Windows and helps you resurrect missing files with a wizard or you could manually recover these files. You could narrow down your search through music, pictures, documents or even executables. Recuva also indicates the likelihood of success for recovering your files.

3. Restoration
If you want something that works fast, Restoration for Windows is the best software you could use. It may lack some of the other advanced features the other software have, but it can do basic filename search and recover files as effectively as the more advanced competitors. Also, light on the processor.

Aug 31 2012

Database Enhancements: Considering a Cloud Storage Company

Cloud storage mediums are available for many businesses who have large sizes of data required for their online campaigns as well as their crucial business data. Knowing where to get the right amount of storage while ensuring that all the data is secure and not easily lost is crucial to any business. Listed here are details businesses should know to choose effectively between the many cloud storage companies available online.

1. Consider Your Data

Depending on your business and your online campaign, the data you store will determine the right amount of storage and security you’re looking for. Most cloud storage services provide 5-10 GB of data storage. If you’re only storing database files from excel, word and other images, you can go for much lower storages. If you have videos and audio for your advertisements and online campaigns, you can go for bigger sizes. This can help you assess your expenses properly.

2. Cloud Storage Security

Contact the cloud storage company and ask them about the security you’ll need for your files. Specify that you’ll need automatic password changes to accounts and complete confidentiality with regards to the contents of your files. Hackers and viruses are everywhere, and most can infect your computer through just the click of a link. Cloud storages can also be affected by these as well. Ensure that your provider has the best security and anti-virus facilities it can offer.

3. Prices

Assess carefully if the features and security available for your business is in line with the amount the company requests you to pay. Be sure to know that what you pay for justifies the services you are getting.

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