Aug 31 2012

Database Enhancements: Considering a Cloud Storage Company

Cloud storage mediums are available for many businesses who have large sizes of data required for their online campaigns as well as their crucial business data. Knowing where to get the right amount of storage while ensuring that all the data is secure and not easily lost is crucial to any business. Listed here are details businesses should know to choose effectively between the many cloud storage companies available online.

1. Consider Your Data

Depending on your business and your online campaign, the data you store will determine the right amount of storage and security you’re looking for. Most cloud storage services provide 5-10 GB of data storage. If you’re only storing database files from excel, word and other images, you can go for much lower storages. If you have videos and audio for your advertisements and online campaigns, you can go for bigger sizes. This can help you assess your expenses properly.

2. Cloud Storage Security

Contact the cloud storage company and ask them about the security you’ll need for your files. Specify that you’ll need automatic password changes to accounts and complete confidentiality with regards to the contents of your files. Hackers and viruses are everywhere, and most can infect your computer through just the click of a link. Cloud storages can also be affected by these as well. Ensure that your provider has the best security and anti-virus facilities it can offer.

3. Prices

Assess carefully if the features and security available for your business is in line with the amount the company requests you to pay. Be sure to know that what you pay for justifies the services you are getting.

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Chemistry Principles: Performing Simple Chromatography

The Basic Principles of Branding

Aug 20 2012

Chemistry Principles: Performing Simple Chromatography

Posted by admin in Chromatography

Chromatography is the art of suspending a substance’s chemical structure and breaking down each part that creates its chemical structure. Professors in chemistry classes often make use of simple chromatography experiments to clearly demonstrate its principles to students. Here is a simple chromatography procedure that most professors introduce to their students when it comes to chromatography.

1. The Items You’ll Need

You’ll need the following to perform the procedure:

1.) Coffee Filter
2.) Pencil
3.) A small cup
4.) Water

2. Preparations

First, cut a strip of the coffee filter, ensuring that it is thin and wide enough to stick out from the cup and wide enough for you to see the chromatography. Usually, two inches and the height of the cup is enough for the coffee filter. Then, draw a thick line on the coffee filter above the water’s edge. Two thirds on the way down is effective. Tape the filter to the pen or pencil to stretch it out. Be sure it is taped tightly.

3. Chromatography Proper

Fill the cup with half an inch of water. The mark on the coffee filter shouldn’t touch the water’s edge. Place the coffee filter inside the cup and allow the pencil to rest on top of the cup’s mouth. If the filter is not touching the water, add more water. Wait for a while. If the coffee strip is quite long, just leave it overnight. In a few hours, you’ll find that the colors used to make the marker’s ink or any pigment used run up from the marker’s edge to the pencil like a rainbow.

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The Basic Principles of Branding

Aug 07 2012

The Basic Principles of Branding

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Branding strategies are important to businesses as these define the business model, strategies, marketing and advertising a product. The focus of branding is to sell a product or service to not just one but many market audiences. Making a good foundation for communication and having an authentic connection between you and your audiences will help you to utilize marketing and business models more accurately to position yourself in the market. Here are some of the view basic principles of branding.

1. Definition

Businesses don’t just target profit, they need to have core values, visions and missions, a purpose and character. If you just aim to profit, you’ll find that people won’t make authentic connections with your products and services. If you’re a spa service company for example, you aim to provide the best quality of eastern or western style spa services. The core values of your company can aim for the relaxation and rejuvenation of your customers.

2. Business Model

Take into consideration a famous personal brand, founded on a person’s integrity. A good example is Apple’s Steve Jobs. He used his personal brand that aims to make better mobile and digital products for consumers that would benefit their interests and their work. The brand promise extended to the new line of products that people anticipate today.

3. Consistency

Having one type of character helps people identify your consistency. Using the example above, your spa service gives out extended products that could help to relax the person after availing your spa services. Once your business is well-known for this character, you can find patrons wanting the consistent service your company provides.

4. Emotional Satisfaction

People buy your products not because they want or need it, but because they identify themselves with your products. The spa business you have is loved by patrons because you give out extended customer service after the spa service. To add to this, if your demographics and your facilities are relaxing, people are willing to stay or pay for anything else because they find that the value of money they pay for your services is worth it.